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Hindsight’s 20/20

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If hindsight is 20/20, what is foresight?  Can I get some glasses for that?

Hindsight can be useful, don’t make the same mistakes twice.  But we need to remember not to dwell on those mistakes too much.  What would happen if you stared into the rearview mirror for the whole trip?  You’d never get anywhere!  Its impossible to move forward if you’re dwelling too much on the past.

Life can be tough.

We all make mistakes.  Sometimes, forgiving ourselves is the hardest forgiveness there is.  I should have known better.  I can’t believe I did that! What was I thinking?  The past is the past. We can’t go back and change things, so instead, we need to forgive and move on.  Maybe you messed up, but you learned something.  You learned what you shouldn’t do, so next time you will know better, you won’t do that, and you’ll think about what you do or say before you do it or say it.

We all need to learn from those mistakes and move on.  Stop looking in the rearview mirror and start looking out the windshield instead! There are so many opportunities out there, and we need to be looking forward to find them.  So many people seem to walk through life in a trance, just barely getting by, just barely noticing life passing them by.  Its so easy to operate on autopilot, we don’t even notice what’s going on.

The kids are growing up way too fast.  The person in the mirror is looking older by the year.  Our friends and family members are moving away, losing touch, or maybe even passing on.  We all need to learn to slow down, take the time to have that conversation with grandma, that cup of coffee with your dad, or that beer with your friends.  Block an hour out of your schedule to play a game with your kids, or take your daughter shopping, or grab a burger with your son.   Shut off the TV and your cell phone and have a meal with your spouse, in the quiet of your kitchen with no one but each other.  Ask how their day was, how’s the new guy at work working out, how the drive home was. And when they answer, actually listen as if there will be a quiz later!

A relationship with good communication is a great relationship.  The guesswork is taken care of.  I know what you want, and you know what I want.  Face it, most spouses are no good at reading minds or taking hints!  So say it like it is, say what you mean, don’t expect your spouse to magically read your thoughts.  That advice alone is enough to save a lot of marriages (and friendships)!

So what I want you to take from this is: don’t dwell too much on the past, and don’t worry too much about the future.  Live life here and now, because when this moment is gone, its gone forever.  Make every moment count!

Author: jeanneahlers

I am a happily married mother of two awesome kids, an organic gardener, and small business owner.

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